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April 2014 edition  
Accessible modern video for all!

An accessible modern video player with alternatives for older browsers is now available, thanks to the expansion of a National VET E-learning Strategy (Strategy) emerging technology trial.

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2014 VET E-standards for Training published

An updated set of technical standards for creating accessible and reusable e-learning content has been published for the vocational education and training (VET) sector.

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Badges for learning

The Scouts have been using them for years, but a relatively new trend occurring in e-learning globally is the process of micro-credentialing through the use of “badges”.

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 'Chunking' your content

Content chunking is the strategy of breaking up content into smaller, bite-sized pieces that are more manageable and easier to remember. This is a great technique for designing successful online training courses.

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Toolbox of the Month - Build Green

The Build Green Flexible Learning Toolbox is an online learning resource that is designed to lift skills in the building and construction industry.

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National calendar of e-learning events

Find out what e-learning professional development workshops and sessions are on offer to VET practitioners this month.

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Keep up to date with VET events across the country

AVETRA 17th Annual Conference
22-24 April 2014, Gold Coast
For more information, click here

2014 VET Summit
29 April 2014, Brisbane
5 May 2014, Melbourne
12 May, Sydney 
For more information, click here

ACER National Adult LLN Assessment Conference 2014
1-2 May 2014, Melbourne
For more information, click here

iMOOT 2014
15-19 May 2014, Online 
For more information, click here

Training Providers Forum 2014
19-20 May 2014, Perth 
For more information, 
click here

Inclusive Learning Technologies Conference
20-23 May 2014, Gold Coast 
For more information, 
click here

2014 Skills Conference
2-3 June 2014, Hobart 
For more information, 
click here

Edutech VET Leaders Congress
3-5 June 2014, Brisbane 
For more information, 
click here

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